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Changing the Status Quo

The role of the


Is your Accountant a bit of a Technophobe?

Have you been using the same accountant for the past 5+ years ?

  • How well do they know your businesses ?

  • How well do they know you ?

  • Can you trust them to do what is right for you and your business ?

These are the key questions many business owners are starting to ask, and with good reason.

Most Accountants are not computer specialists

With the changes being introduced by HMRC with Making Tax Digital, accountants are having to learn more about the technology used.



Business Support

Accountancy is as much about trust as it is about facts and figures. Understanding when your making a profit or how healthy your cashflow is one thing, knowing when and how to act on it is much more important.

Not acting soon enough could ruin for your business, while ignoring it completely could be disastrous for you personally.

With the move to digital tax, accountants now have the tools to advise clients early, adding a new level of security to your business. But many accountants are not helping clients make the transition to digital accounting, and for lots of business owners, this is causing a rift between them.

Help is here

Our focus is on education and prevention.  We provide support, training, and mentoring to help business owners navigate the digital tax systems. 

So if your struggling to make the transition to electronic record keeping, or confused by
Making Tax Digital, why not give us a call.

Software Training
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