Need help choosing the right payroll package for your employees? Looking for a cloud accounting solution? Need to take card payments? Looking for a point of sale solution for your shop? These any many other questions form the basis for our new business services.


These services do not require you to be a client on one of our accounting services, so why not call us today and we will book your onsite business valuation!

Business Plan

Includes business startup action plan

Interested in starting your own business but unsure what you need to do? Need advise on funding? unsure what business type is right for you? These and many other questions form the basis of our business planning services.


We can help with general advice on starting up to providing drafts for letters for financial institutions and more.  Sign up with us as your accountant and get 50% off the price of our business plan!


Business Healthcheck

Includes onsite business valuation

As businesses grow, so too do the needs for new services. Accepting card payments, stock management systems, Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) implementation, or even opening your first online e-commerce store are all part of improving your business. 


Making sure these systems work together can take alot of time and often the wrong systems can end up costing you more money! Our business healthcheck will ensure we find the best solution for your business based on your needs and existing services.

£48 initial operations study

Quickbooks Integration

Includes full training for you and your staff

Introducing Cloud accounting to an existing business can be thwart with danger.  Let us get your business ready for the digital age.


We will guide and support you throughout the first month working with the software as well as setting up QuickBooks on up to 5 devices and train up to 3 members of staff in its use.


Quickbooks Extended Support

Full telephone and email remote support

Still unsure on QuickBooks use after the first month?


Our extended support provides continued help and advice for you and your staff as long as you need it. Please note this support is for the use of the software and does not include technical support with the software. QuickBooks already provides technical help within the software as part of the subscription.

£15 /month

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