Not everyone's business and tax requirements are the same. There are many services we also cover from pensions, property lettings, Captial Gains and VAT.

Our Individual Services come in two varieties, Stand Alone and Bolt On.

Stand Alone

Designed for individuals & businesses looking for occasional help or assistance. 

Bolt On

Bolt On services can be added to our money saving accounting packages to provide a tailored service unique to your business needs.

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Stand Alone services

Tax Investigations

Have you received a notice of investigation from HMRC?  Unsure what to expect?  We offer a support service for Tax Investigations and act as representatives for our clients who receive a notice.

from £250

Pensions, Savings & Investments

Are you in receipt of private pensions, lump sum payments, savings, shares dividends, investments, ISAs?  Ensuring your paying the correct amount of tax is a frequent concern.


Capital Gains

Have you recieved a windfall?  Sold a large asset such as a property or business?  Have you been the benefactor of a valuable estate?

Our expert knowledge ensures you pay the right amount of tax.


Expenses Claims

Are you employed but entitled to a claim for business expenses incurred by you?

From fuel milage claims to travel costs, we can ensure you make the most of your Tax Relief.

£10 /month

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Bookkeeping (Drop-in, Pick-Up, Call-Out)

We offer drop-inpick-up, and call-out services for businesses within the Portsmouth Area, bookkeeping is tailored to your business with weekly, monthly, and quarterly services available on request.


Rates are chargeable based on the size of your business Turnover starting from £30 per month and depending on your bookkeeping method/software. Please contact us for a quote.

from £30 /month

Bookkeeping Recovery

Sometimes even the most careful and meticulous business can fall foul to lost records, be it fire, hardware failure or Act of God!


Rebuilding all that hard work can feel almost unscalable. Let us help reconstruct your records so you can get back on track.

Please call to request a quote.

on Request

Payroll Services

Ensuring your staff wages have the correct tax and national insurance deductions is important for many businesses. With the governments requirement for RTI (real time information) and new legislation for Pension Auto Enrolment its important to get things done right.


We use QuickBooks Online to manage any employees you might have, to ensure your RTI obligations are met and assist with any setup requirements. (requires quickbooks online subscription)

Prices start from £15 per month for the first 5 employees plus £1 per additional employee. Call today for a free Quote.

from £15 /month for the first 5 employees

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Bolt On services

Additional Businesses

Do you have more than one business? Are you self-employed and receiving rental income?  For each source of additional income we can manage all under one roof for just £10 a month per additional business.

£10 /month

VAT Services

Need help with your quarterly VAT calculations and filing?


Whether you use traditional or flat rate scheme VAT we can help ensure your VAT requirements are met.

£25 /month

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